A new publishing schedule

Hello, wonderful witches!

Kitchen Witch is taking this week off because I’m out of town, staying at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. I’ll report back with any ghostly sightings.

In the meantime, I wanted to send out an email with upcoming changes to the newsletter. We are moving away from a once-a-week format with one free issue a month. Going forward, it will be one or two issues a month, with special issues for paid subscribers for the sabbats and other occasions.

I will also soon be offering workshops, with registration preference given to paid subscribers. The first will be on tyromancy, or telling fortunes with cheese. Stay tuned for more information once I figure out the best registration and presentation formats.

This is all good news! Kitchen Witch will continue publishing, providing a voice to witches from all backgrounds, and exploring the unique ways food and witchcraft intersect. And now there will be educational opportunities!

I’m excited to continue providing this resource, and hope you will all stay along with me for the ride.

Until next time!