Foods for Celebrating the Spring Equinox

A ritual plus a simple meal.

Hello, wonderful witches!

I love snow. Truly, I do. It’s one of my favorite things about living in the midwest. But I have to say, after a massive snowstorm that dumped about two feet on us, and then another snowfall after we were teased with a few warm days in Chicago… I’m ready for spring. And lucky us, it’s about to start! So today and Saturday, the newsletter is a celebration of the new season.

We’re starting out our Welcome Spring party with the below ritual and meal, and then on the weekend, you’ll get even more recipes as bonus paid-subscriber-only content. Share your finished dishes on social—we’d love to drool over your versions of the food!

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Celebrate the Equinox with This Ritual and Meal

By Julia Skinner

Drawing on the plants around us as the earth awakens is a powerful and simple way to clear out old energies, invite in some gratitude for longer days, and welcome the coming of spring. Using food as the basis of magical rituals is a practice as old as time itself: Our ancestors understood that when we consumed food, we not only nourished ourselves but also ingested its magical and medicinal properties…

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Julia Skinner, PhD, is the founder of Atlanta’s fermentation and food history company, Root. She teaches online classes and offers an herbs and art CSA that helps people connect with their food more deeply. Follow her on social media at @bookishjulia and @rootkitchens.

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