Introduce Yourself!

Hello, wonderful witches! I want to get to know you all better. So, I’m starting an introductions thread! Please say “hi” and share whatever you are comfortable sharing:

  • Name and location

  • Your spiritual path

  • What you do

  • Where you heard about Kitchen Witch

  • What you’re hoping to see more of in the newsletter

I’ll start! If you’ve been reading for a while, you already know some of this. I’m Jen, and a proud Chicagoan. My spiritual path is based in the power of energy, but I pull in from all sorts of traditions. I love to read tea leaves, work with my pendulum, and do candle spells. I almost never turn to deities for anything I do - but I love learning about them! As for what I do, in addition to Kitchen Witch I’m an author (seven books, my most recent is Historic Chicago Bakeries) and a full-time freelance journalist writing about travel, food, and history.

Let’s learn about each other!