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My name is Victoria de la Maza, I am from Madrid, Spain, and live in Charleston, SC. I write "Diary of a Serial Hostess" and love everything to do with great food, entertaining at home, and gatherings around the table. I do often think I must have some witchy in me! Great food is like a love potion, right? And while I stir a cauldron of delicious stew...

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Hi! I am Therese, I live in Tucson, Az & I love interior design & currently work at Sam Levitz (sales)

I am passionate about yoga, meditation & all things witchy. The more I delve into the mystical and spiritual world, the more I understand myself and feel comfort, connection and balanced.

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Love this thread!

Hi, I'm Liv. I grew up in New Jersey, spent about 10 years in NYC, and I've been living in Rhode Island for the past 2 years. I'm realizing as I write this how East Coast it is for me to give such a detailed breakdown when all these places are so close to each other, but trust me, it's necessary.

I'm a witch of many different paths, but I focus on ancestral magic and divination. I love Stregheria (Italian witchcraft) and ancient Irish pagan spirituality - I wrote a piece on the Goddess Brigid for Kitchen Witch in March:


I work as a writer and social media manager in the blockchain technology industry. I'm passionate about diversifying STEM professions. I also love reading, history, and anything creative. and cats. I love my cats.

I heard about Kitchen Witch from the Magick Kitchen community - either their podcast or one of their events. I love everything I've seen from Kitchen Witch and I'm honored to have contributed to the great content here. As always, I'd love to read more from various witches from all different cultures around the world with recipes and rituals from their ancestral path.

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Hi! My name is Emily Rose and I'm also in Chicago!

I've been identifying as a Jewiccan for several years now. I was raised in a very liberal/progressive jew-ish household and then started practicing Wicca traditions in a community of femmes about 12 years ago.

I'm a poet, writer, bookkeeper, copywriter, cook, recovering restaurant owner and wearer of many (professional) hats. I also have a substack (https://eatwellenough.substack.com/) of essays with a recipe folded in.

I heard about you from my aunt!

I love ritual ideas and ways to deepen my practice. Especially things tied to representational magic. <3

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Hello Jen and fellow kitchen witches! I’m up in Bellingham Washington. I find a spiritual practice in my cooking when I’m able to eat in alignment with the seasons. I find it helps me stay grounded, feel less anxious and more connected to myself and earth. I do teach season eating as a part of my work, but the spiritual aspect is not always present in my classes or educational content.

In my work I create better relationships with food. This is accomplished through coaching services, classes, and my writing here on Substack. I also engage in a bit of food system policy work locally.

I believe I found this newsletter when I was doing some podcast research and looking for folks who uses the term “kitchen witch”. It’s not a term I knew until my friends started calling me one. 🤣✨🧹

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I'm Amy. I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up as an evangelical Christian. I had some spiritual experiences that I now think are with a local deity and are centered around a particular water system in my area. The experiences started during my exit from a toxic marriage, and they eventually led me out of the church and the Republican party as well. I'm actually writing a book about all of that (Pious Magic: A Memoir of Disenchantment). Most of my spirituality is based on experiences, so I am still learning what to call the things that happen to me. So far, I have found the most similarities in shamanism, and I am exploring what that means. I also consider writing and creativity to be part of my spiritual practice, a way of uncovering and exploring the unseen. I write for a living. I haven't published any of my own work yet, but I do ghost writing, SEO-optimized blog posts, email newsletters for others. I also build and support communities on Mighty Networks. I *think* I found Kitchen Witch through a Substack search... I started following awhile ago, but I'm just now digging into it some more. After decades of believing spirituality and meaning were somewhere up there or in eternity or... really anywhere but here and now, I appreciate practices and writing that highlight spirituality in the everyday. You don't get much more everyday than food, which is why I love the Kitchen Witch. I particularly enjoy Jill's posts about food rituals in different cultures ("Fish Rituals from Bengal," the post on Hogmanay). I'd love to see more like that.

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Hi, Jen and Kitchen Witch community! I’m Kiki, and although I’m originally from Virginia I’ve lived in Madrid for almost six years now (I also lived in Chicago for a bit, Jen!). My full time job is in the medical field, but I write for fun about food and my culinary adventures in Spain over at Come como Kiki. I don’t know that I necessarily have a specific spiritual path, but I’ve always loved rituals and traditions related to nature and feeling grounded. I first heard about Kitchen Witch after attending a Zoom meeting for food writers on Substack. After checking it out, I decided to stick around :) Kitchen Witch is a great intersection of things that are interesting to me: food, spirituality, and history. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the future!

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