That’s beautiful put together, including the credit to Lady Raglan, Julia Somerset as it seem her article really gave the ‘Green Man’ legs and almost became a New Age cult late 60s and through the 70s. Those branches out of those mouths gargoyles may not have had a shared name before her article.

I became passionate about them as I was a mason with contracts including cleaning up and preserving sheela na gigs and ‘green man’ during the 70s, including on Iona. I did this in between my storytelling activities that was my main passion but as a young parent did not cover all of the bills.

A think lot of people still believe that the ‘Green Man’ in name goes back 1000s of years before Lady Raglan, and maybe that’s a good thing is it brings on nature respect. I also like the related stories of the ‘fairy lover’, ‘jack in the green’ etc.

But all that aside, beautiful lovely written article here :-) Thank you.

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Indeed! Let us dance!

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Blessed Beltane!

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