Tyromancy Sessions

Ready to have your fortune told with cheese? Schedule a session with me for a custom tyromancy reading. BOOK A SESSION ON MY CALENDAR HERE — select the “Witchcraft/Divination Services” option and note “tyromancy” in the comments. Please let me know when booking if you want me to purchase the cheese for you (extra fee applies).

Cheese Reading FAQ

Is this in-person or online?

I can do both in-person or Zoom sessions. In-person sessions are limited to the north side of Chicago (unless travel expenses are paid) and will be held in a local coffeeshop.

What’s the tyromancy process?

First, we will go through a presentation (it’s fun, promise) about cheese magic throughout history and the different ways to divine with cheese. Then, we will look at your cheese and divine from it. You may bring up to four pieces of cheese. I will provide notes sheets with spots for cheese representing the past, present, future, and overall. You do not need to bring four cheeses — bring what feels right to you.

What type of cheese should I bring?

Bring one to four pieces of cheese that have variations on the surface. Blue and Swiss are the most common, but anything with veins, ash, mold, or holes will work. As long as it’s not a blank cheese slate! Crumbled cheese can work as well, but might not get as good results.

Can I bring vegan cheese?

Absolutely! As long as it has variations on the surface.

Can you purchase the cheese for me?

I can purchase the cheese for you for $10 extra per person.

How long is this going to take?

Readings typically take 45 minutes to an hour for a single person, and up to two hours for groups.

How many people can come?

I can read for groups of up to 25 people.

How much does this cost?

$45 per solo session or per person for groups up to 5 people; $30 per person for group sessions of 6 people or more. If I purchase the cheese for you, it will be another $10 per person.

Can I give a session as a gift?

Yes! Just note that when you make the booking. I can create a custom gift certificate to email if you’d like.

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